How do I pay for the products?

You can choose one of the following ways to pay for the notebooks:

  • Via banking system – all bank cards are acceptable;
  • Bank transfer.

The order is prepared after receiving the payment.

How do I receive my order?

Free pick-up in Klaipeda:

Nemuno str. 139, Klaipeda

Working hours:

I-V 08:00 – 17:00

Free pick-up in Vilnius:

A. Vivulskio str. 23-3, Vilnius

Working hours:
I-V 08:00 – 17:00

Delivery via courier (for a certain fee).

When does the courier deliver the packgage?

Orders via courier are delivered within 3-4 business days within the teritory of Lithuania.

Will the courier inform me before arriving?

Yes. The courier always contacts the Buyer before delivering the package, therefore it is very important to provide a correct telephone number.

How do I cancel the order and how soon do I get a refund?

If you want to cancel the order, you must inform us via email and provide the reason for cancelling the order.

After cancellation of the order you will receive a refund within 9 business days.

How do I get a discount code?

Discount codes are usually provided during promotions, or as prizes during various games, contests, or lotteries. We inform about them in our newsletters, on our webpage and on our Facebook page @notebookscloud.

*A discount code can only be used once. Its expiration date is not extended, it cannot be cashed in.

How do I get the best Cloud Line notebook offers?

Enter your email address in the empty box at the bottom ot the main page, and press the “Subscribe” button. During promotions you will receive newsletters with the best offers or discount codes.

How do I unsubscribe the newsletter?

Press the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the newsletter.

Privacy policy

Electronic Commerce Regulations

These Electronic Commerce Regulations (hereinafter – the Rules) is binding and integral part of the purchase – sale agreement concluded between the online shop (hereinafter –, e- Shop, our, us, we) and client (hereinafter – you, yours, for you, your) part, acquainting with the online store sales of goods conditions, and providing and your rights, and obligations relating to the sale of goods in the e- store.

I. General Provisions

1. Online store can be used by:

1.1. all capable persons over 18 years;

1.2. minors between fifteen and eighteen years – only having parents, adoptive parents or guardians agreement, except those, who are self-disposed of earnings or scholarship;

1.3. legal entities;

1.4. all of the above mentioned persons authorized representatives.

2. To use the online store you have to register first. The registration completed successfully and is valid whenelectronicallysubmitted information about you leads to the next steps.
3. When register on e-shop all provided personal information (name,address,phone, e-mail address), is stored and processed in accordance with the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data Act No. IX-12962003, of 21st of January, and the Rules in Appendix 1 that describes Privacy Policy.
4. Prices specified on the e-shop are valid only for purchasing goods on the online store.Delivery costs arenot included and they are shown separately when forming the order.  Delivery costs are clearly stated in the order confirmation and are distinguished on the booking confirmation.
5. Sale agreement between you and is concluded from the moment you have formed a shopping cart on e-shop, providing the way and address, and acquainted (having read click “I have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy) with these Rules, click “Continue”.
6. Aboutthe sale agreement notifies you by sending an e-mail to your email address.

II. Your rights and responsibilities

7. You can select andorder any item presented on the online store.
8. By usinge-shopservices, you agree to terms and conditions, and you must follow them.
9. On the registration form of e-shopyou mustprovide complete and accurate data. If you have changed your personal information, and we will not be informed, you will assume all the risk of loss consequences.
10. You are responsiblefor all actions carried out via e-shop.
11. The same personis not allowed of the use a few names on the e-shop services.
12. You agreenot to transfer your registration and login details to the third parties. If you lose your login information, you must immediately inform by e-mail: is not responsible for the actions of the third parties using your login details until e-shop is not informed. In this case, is entitled to consider that the actions made on the e-shop are made by you.
13. To offer afull-fledgedservice in our site, please allow you computer (device) to record information (“Cookies”). We will use a recorded information to recognize you as a previous user of the site, collecting statistics of the site visitors. You can always review what information (“Cookies”) is recorded, and you can delete some or all stored “Cookies”.  You also have the right to refuse or to save any used information (“Cookies”) on your computer (device), but in this case, some of the website features may not be available for you.  Your consent can be cancelled any time by changing your browser settings, or by contacting us by the site disclosed contacts.
14. is not responsibleforyour produced layouts, as well as for your submitted material used in any copyright. You are responsible for any copyright and related rights in Breaches of the Law. We do not check and do not correct posted layouts.
III. rights and responsibilities

15. If provided data at the time of registration or later is false,inaccurate,misleading, or submitted not all the required data, or you fail to comply with the regulations, is entitled to withdraw and delete your data, or restrict your right to use the online store. Only you are responsible for your false implications of the data.
16. has the rightto suspendor terminate your registration and use of e-store services without the notice, if there is a reason to believe that you are engaged in unauthorized activities or trying to determine the work of the e-store or for stable operations.
17. undertakes responsibility for all the conditions for you to use the online store services.
18. If the payment is done in advance, and, in anyunforeseencircumstances is not able to produce the goods you have ordered, undertake to return the money within 30 working days.

IV. Payment for the goods

19. You can pay for the goods by pre-pay bank transfer or via system.

V. Final Provisions

20. retainsright to suspend, on its discretion add or amend these Rules and Regulations, and other related documents informing you on the online store. Additions or changes to Rules applies from the date of its publication, from the date when they are published on the e- shop system.
21. Ifyou do not agree with the new version of the Rules, the partial additions, amendments, you are entitled to refuse it with the condition that you lose the right to use-store services.
22. If you followthe changed rules, and you continue using the e-shop services, it is assumed that you agree with the new version of added or changed Rules.
23. All disputesregarding the enforcement of the rules are negotiable.
24. These rules apply to the Republic of Lithuania Law.

Privacy policy

This Policy of Privacy is governed by online shop (hereinafter – and client (hereinafter – you, your) basic personal data collection, handling and storage principles and procedures.

I. General Provisions
1. Your personal data collection, processing and storage is set by the policy of privacy of the Republic of Lithuania Personal Data Protection Act and other legislation.
2. Notebookscloud.comis guided by the following basic principles of data processing:
2.1. Personal data is collected for explicit and legitimate purposes;
2.2. Personal data is processed fairly and accurately.
2.3. Personal data is processed lawfully, only in cases where:
2.3.1. the data subject has given his consent, that is agrees to abide the rules of e-commerce;
2.3.2. concludes and performs a contract or when one of the parties is the data subject;
2.3.3. is obliged to process personal data in accordance with the law;
2.3.4. personal data must be processed for the legitimate interests pursued by the or a third party, to whom personal data is provided, and if the data subject interests are not as important;
2.4. Personal data is constantly updated.
2.5. Personal data is stored not longer than is required for data processing objectives.
2.6. Personal data is managed by only authorized employees.
2.7. All the information regarding the processing of personal data is confidential.
2.8. In accordance of processing personal data duly notifies the State Data Protection Inspectorate.
3. Online store can be used by:
3.1. all capable persons over 18 years;
3.2. minors between fifteen and eighteen years – only having parents, adoptive parents or guardians’ agreement, except those, who are self-disposed of earnings or scholarship;
3.3. legal entities;
3.4. all of the above mentioned persons authorized representatives.

II. Personaldata collection, processing, storage
4. Notebookscloud.comrespects your right to privacy. Your personal data (name, address, phone number, email address and any other e-mail. Stores the information indicated on the registration form) are collected and processed in order to:
4.1. process your purchase orders;
4.2. issue financial documents;
4.3. solve the problems related to the submission and delivery of goods;
4.4. fulfill other contractual obligations.
5. To register on online storeyou must provide complete and accurate personal data.
6. Processing andstoring your personal data implements technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration or disclosure, as well as against any other unlawful processing.
7. may use your personal data for the statistical purposes directly related to data acquisition.  These statistics will be collected and processed in a way that would not disclose the Customer’s personal identity or other personal data that could be used to determine a person’s identity.

III. Transfer of personal data to third parties
8. reserves the right to transfer the information to third parties:
8.1. only to obtain the purposes of the above mentioned 5.3. paragraph;
8.2. to Lithuanian law.

IV. Change or update personal data
9. You have the right to modify and / or update the information provided on the registration form.

V. Informationor claims transfer

10. You have allowed to manage your personal data, and you have the right to request a change in personal details or to stop manage, except the storage of the data processed in breach of the law.
11. After receivesyour request forthe management of personal data, not later than 30 calendar days from the day of request will give you an answer. Examined are only these request forms which are submitted in writing by e-mail:
VI. Change of the Privacy Policy

12. has the right to change partially or completely the privacy policy by giving a notice on online store.
13. Privacy policy additions or changes apply from the date of its publication, from the date they are declared on the online store system.
15. If you do not agree to a new privacy policy version, you have the right to refuse it in writing (by e-mail:, but also you commit that you lose the right to use online store services.
16. If, after the addition or change to the Privacy Policy, you continue to use of online store services, it is considered that you agree to the new version.


Product delivery

  1. A Buyer that purchased our products, can pick them up himself (Nemuno str. 139, Klaipeda or A. Vivulskio str. 23-3, Vilnius), or use a courier service.
  2. The Buyer who chose the courier service commits to provide an accurate adress for product delivery, and an accurate telephone number.
  3. The Buyer commits to pick-up/receive the product himself. In case the Buyer cannot pick-up/receive the product when the product is delivered to the address provided by the Buyer, the Buyer has no right to make claims to the Seller about delivery/handing over the product to the wrong person.
  4. The products can be delivered by the Seller or his authorized representative.
  5. The delivery fee is calculated in regard to the address of the delivery and the weight of the package.
  6. The Seller keeps the right to change the product delivery fee.
  7. The typical delivery time is 1-2 business days from dispatch (2-3 business days from dispatch in Vilnius branch).
  8. The Seller commits to deliver the product as soon as possible.
  9. The Buyer, upon receiving the products must check the product’s condition together with the Seller or his authorized representative, and sign the document of transfer and acceptance of delivery. By signing this document, the Buyer agrees that the product has been delivered in good condition – without any damage, that is classified as not the manufacturing defect, and that there is no configuration mismatch of the product. If the delivery package is damaged (crumpled, wet, or otherwise externally damaged), the product is faulty and/or there is a configuration mismatch, the Buyer has to note that in the document of transfer and acceptance of delivery, and with the presence of the Seller or his representative, write a free form delivery and (or) product damage (nonconformity) statement.
    If the Buyer does not take these actions, is not responsible for the product damage, if the damage is not based on manufacturing defects, or product configuration mismatch, if the mismatch can be determined by examining the product’s exterior.

Return of the products

  1. The defects of the sold products are eliminated, or defected items are replaced, if is responsible.
  2. The Buyer can return the products within 14 business days from the day of delivery, informing via email
  3. The Buyer must provide a purchace document upon return of the product.
  4. The product must not be damaged by the Buyer.
  5. The products must be returned at the business place of the Seller: Nemuno str. 139, Klaipeda, or A. Vivulskio str. 23-3, Vilnius.
  6. If the Buyer wants to return the product, he has to fill the return form and provide the reason for returning the product.
  7. The Buyer pays the return fees.
  8. com has the right to refuse to accept returned products from the Buyer, if the product return conditions were not met.
  9. If is responsible for the defects of the product and they are impossible to correct, the Buyer will receive a refund only by a bank transfer into the Buyer’s bank account.