Notebook “Feather of luck”




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  • A5, 208 pages
  • A6, 160 pages

Paper: 80 gs/m2

Cover: laminated paper hardcover

Notebook inside: one side with lines, other side with dots

Nature is amazing. Her works surprise our eyes with her unusual shapes and breathtaking details. The whole force of nature converges to create a unified harmony, awakening every cell of the body. Flower petals are blinking their brightly coloured eyelashes, nurturing the idea of giving up to the spring. And a fragile, gentle and light (as it might seem at the first glance) feather is pulsating energy, encapsulating life, beauty, and wisdom. Peacock’s feathers, like a talisman, are protecting from disasters and are inseparable from happiness, and its magnificent appearance symbolises prosperity.


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A6 (110 x 170), 144 pages, A5 (145 x 210), 144 pages

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