Leather workbook with soft cover “Purple Aurora” A5

21,00 6,00

Liko 10

  •  Format:
    • A5 (145 x 210 mm), 144 pages.
  • Soft cover “ECO“ leather, 2020 golden foil stamp
  • One week is fitted into two pages.
  • 6 languages (Lithuanian / English / German / Russian / Swedish / Italian)
  • Crème paper 80 gs/m2
  • Limited collection

Stand up against the sky filled with stars and face your fragility: today you are here, among them, one of the many little specks of light, spilled after the moonlight’s breakfast. Could you believe that those little brilliant dots are looking at you with as great as astonishment, praying for your attention? You are their aurora – equally as bright and majestic, colourful and mysterious. With your energy, you can achieve goals that do not fit into the backpack of a disappointed person. And yours is much bigger, full of determination, love and enthusiasm to live.

A bright gamut of colours blends into a single line, and as a calming therapy fills our minds, providing new energy. The golden strokes symbolise light, nobility and maturity. The blue is the power of the natural wonders – mountains, oceans, and sky, while the pink shades wrap you in a gentle robe of romance.