Leather workbook with soft cover “Feather of luck” A5

21,00 6,00

Liko 35


  •  Format:
    • A5 (145 x 210 mm), 144 pages.
  • Soft cover “ECO“ leather, 2020 golden foil stamp
  • One week is fitted into two pages.
  • 6 languages (Lithuanian / English / German / Russian / Swedish / Italian)
  • Crème paper 80 gs/m2
  • Limited collection

Nature is amazing. Her works surprise our eyes with her unusual shapes and breathtaking details. The whole force of nature converges to create a unified harmony, awakening every cell of the body. Flower petals are blinking their brightly coloured eyelashes, nurturing the idea of giving up to the spring. And a fragile, gentle and light (as it might seem at the first glance) feather is pulsating energy, encapsulating life, beauty, and wisdom. Peacock’s feathers, like a talisman, are protecting from disasters and are inseparable from happiness, and its magnificent appearance symbolises prosperity.