CLOUD line| "The Thoughts From the Clouds“

Jokužys’ Publishing & Printing House has been awarded as „The printing house of creative solutions 2015“ in Lithuania’s press industry awards. S. Jokužys’ Publishing & Printing House has created and offers unique technology of printed book blocks. By means of especially for these processes created and patented equipment, it is possible to cover fully colored three sides of the book blocks.

An idea has occurred from everything this to create a totally new brand name CloudLine. It is a new generation line of notebooks, workbooks, and now even accessories as well. Ground collections are of limited edition thus maintaining their authenticity and excluding our product of the mass market. The product line CloudLine is created for the modern, innovative, stylish individualities not falling behind the newest trends. Up to every collection, we seek to improve ourselves and in the everyday human life position ourselves as the way to facilitate planning of so valuable for all of us time.

Let’s appreciate important and unforgettable moments and CloudLine will help you to remember everything else.


Add your thoughts, dreams and ideas in our special designed Cloud line notebooks.


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